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OOC: I ship Mel and Tine a lil bit
Anonymous sent: Do you have a skype?

ooc: I do indeed but I don’t give it out willy nilly. Mutuals can feel free to ask if they want it ;3

The Underground wants YOU



After the rapidly rising membership of the DPD the Underground is now looking for aspiring Criminals that want to change how things are in Domino City. If you have any special skill or at least enough guts to rise against the law and work in a team then you should come to Toxic and have a chat with Bandit. You’ll have a talk with him and he’ll test how serious you actually are about it. If you mean it - you won’t fail.

Show us who you’re fightin’ for!


This is exactly what it looks like. The Underground is looking for people who enjoy role-playing a criminal character and want to be part of an active criminal organisation. What we’re looking for are muses with special criminal skills such as

Drug Dealer
Weapon/Arms Dealer
Black Market Salesmen
Ex soldiers & mercenary

Or whatever else you can come up with. If you have a muse like that or would like to roleplay a muse with a criminal background, you can feel free to message me up! If you have any other idea’s we can talk about it and see how we can fit your muse into the Underground. We’re not a strict roleplay group so being part of the Underground doesn’t come with many rules apart from a few which I’d explain in detail personally with you of course.

▼ Now to the formalities ▼

In order to join you’ll have to fill out a little application so I can see your grip on your muse and you gotta be active. At least enough to join plots and w/e. There is no fun for any of us if you make a blog for this and only use it once in a while. Make sure this is something you really wanna do and we’ll be able to include you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone who’s interested!

 - Bandit-mun


Still to this day my favorite comic
Anonymous sent: Tell us about your cat.

There is no cat. There never has been a cat. You speak of nothing. 

Anonymous sent: What if doctor done the ice bucket challenge?

What if no. 

It would ruin My hair. 

ooc: finally home from my breakaction but won’t be back into a full swing until tomorrow most likely