Doctor Bakura

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doctorbakura sent: "It is no secret that I desires to have absolute control one day. To have you show enough trust in Me to let Me have charge through and through. I will tie your wrists together, strip you of all pointless garments, all the whole staying clothed Myself. I'll put you in front of My closet mirror, hold you in My lap, and stroke your tender areas, all the while whispering into your ears each appealing thing. It would be a slow torment, throughout the night until you beg Me to fuck you."



OOC: I want lucky charms now
officer-ryou-bakura sent: "Are you sure that's safe?"

"Of course it is, all I have to do is out it around your dick, and then~ prolonged denied orgasam."

cookies-and-corpses sent: "I want to be sore."

"I think I have just the tools needed to help with that."

officer-ryou-bakura sent: "Someone is happy to see me.."

"Of course I am," he laughs pointing down. "And that isn’t a rocket~"

officer-ryou-bakura replied to your post: “OOC: do you ever have a plot you want to do but you can’t do it by…”:

// people who don’t ask don’t get. Simple.

OOC: that is very true! And most of the time asking is the hardest hump

NSFW Prompts

"Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?"
"Come sit on my lap."
"I can't stop thinking about your hands on me."
"My thighs can be your earmuffs."
"God, you look good."
"Come here, baby."
"Come here, daddy."
"Give me a kiss."
"Your mouth looks great all pink and swollen."
"I could really use a fuck right now."
"We can take a quick shower."
"I could give you a massage, if you want."
"You're so cute I could just eat you up."
"Would you prefer lingerie or a collar?"
"Hey, I'm open minded."
"Are you sure that's safe?"
"Silk or lace?"
"I want to be sore."
"I don't have a gag reflex."
"What flavour condom do you like?"
"We have time to kill; you know what that means."
"Beg for it."
"You look super hot from down here."
"You look super hot from up here."
"Someone's happy to see me."

candy-coated-canni replied to your post:

[Nah man go for it]

OOC: but it’s not something I can so myself xD I dunno I might try to recruit someone to help

OOC: it looks like this is a shared feeling. Good. Well not good, but good. Yes. //pets faces//